Thoughts on Energizer Campaign

Since batteries are a product that people don’t buy until it’s too late (as in, “damn this flashlights out of batteries NOW I need to go buy some”), I would attempt to formulate a campaign that promotes people to make such a purchase before they realize that they need to replace them.  This campaign would act as a reminder to consumers that the next time they’re at the store, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to purchase some Energizer batteries even though everything’s fully charged (or so they think) at home.

The tricky part is getting people to remember to do this at the store, since batteries are definitely on that list of things that people come home after shopping and think “I knew I forgot something.”  It might be helpful to incorporate an ad with a picture of a store setting to stimulate some sort of familiarity when people go shopping.


1. POV picture of a shopping cart as the shopper is walking back to the car.  The cart is full of a bunch of different items and each item is labeled with text and a check box next to it in a shopping list fashion.  The only box that isn’t checked is the batteries item, which would have the Energizer logo next to it.  Slogan: “Don’t forget what keeps you going” or something like it.
2. Place pictures of electronic devices running while unattended.  In other words, imagery that normally makes people cringe when they see it left on because they know the batteries are dying.  This could be a flashlight left on at a campsite, a kid’s toy figure still lit up and/or making noises by itself with no one around, etc.  The point is to get people to think about batteries.  This product is like an oil change–nobody thinks about it until the warning signs come on, and then it’s a race against time and memory to the store.

3. Show an “aw, shit!” moment wherein people will realize that they should have bought some batteries while they had the chance.  Examples:
-Calculator that just ran out of batteries on a student while in the middle of taking the SAT.
-Flashlight that blinks out while hiking around in the middle of nowhere at night


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