Diversity brought to you in part by Coca Cola

An idea I had for Coca Cola, as they promote diversity and happiness amongst their consumers.  This ad would be most effective in a city like LA, where many people are relatively bilingual in spanish and english.  For those non spanish-speakers, “todos somos” also means “we are all”.  The linguistic cognate, ‘similar,’ addressed is a new way to convey that people of different nationalities, cultures, and languages are indeed more ‘similar’ than they may think.  Though english speakers pronounce the word a little differently than spanish speakers (Spanish pronunciation: see-me-lar), this slight difference in taste for the same spelling of the word exemplifies the minor differences amongst cultures in regards to the overall similarities.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the excess white space in the bottom left hand part of the ad, and I didn’t want to make this too busy, so I just decided to let the viewer have some breathing space, which is always nice in this world of ad bombardment.


About defever

Con-mercialism. Money allows it to happen. Money given to penguin-dressed businesspeople choked so tightly by their neck ties that their brains can focus on nothing more than profit margins and sunday tee time with their gin-breathed client. Creative minds and strategic advertising act as the Batman and Robin to combat the droning and ubiquitous presence of corporate invasion on consumers' media. I am honored to serve on the heroic force that is taking away from the bullying, tormenting, killing you slowly inside form of advertising. This is a blog of my work, my opinions, and my ideas on the world of advertising. I'm not trying to change the game of advertising--I'm trying to change the sport.
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