Part 3 of Coca Cola Campaign

This print ad is more risky than the previous two Coca-Cola ads because it is a bit harder to understand for the unsuspecting eye.  The cognate, ‘superior’ is consistent with the concept of the campaign, but the adjective is placed in different parts of the sentence for Spanish and English.  For English, obviously we say “Superior Flavor.”  In Spanish, however, the adjective comes after the noun, as in “Sabor Superior”.  As you probably noticed, I tried to incorporate both sentences into one ad with the ‘Superior’ being in the middle, the ‘Sabor’ in front and the ‘Flavor’ in the back.  It requires a double-take to comprehend, but maybe that’s what an ad requires to be remembered these days.


About defever

Con-mercialism. Money allows it to happen. Money given to penguin-dressed businesspeople choked so tightly by their neck ties that their brains can focus on nothing more than profit margins and sunday tee time with their gin-breathed client. Creative minds and strategic advertising act as the Batman and Robin to combat the droning and ubiquitous presence of corporate invasion on consumers' media. I am honored to serve on the heroic force that is taking away from the bullying, tormenting, killing you slowly inside form of advertising. This is a blog of my work, my opinions, and my ideas on the world of advertising. I'm not trying to change the game of advertising--I'm trying to change the sport.
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