Nike- “Fill the Shoes”

Idea for Nike “fill the shoes” campaign.

This TV commercial for Nike would show different sports being played, except without the players.  The ball would be moving rapidly around around the field or court as if it were in normal play, and the stadium would be filled as if it were the World Cup, NBA Championship, etc.  This visuals of this player-less sport ad would emphasize the fast paced movements of the ball, as well as the overwhelming loss of presence without the players in the game.  The slogan at the end, “fill the shoes” would complete the message attempting to be conveyed through this spot.

This operation would require extensive green screening technology and fairly expensive special effects to fill in the crowd of a full stadium, but would be epic and congruent with Nike’s style of Hollywood-esque advertising.

This ad may potentially have problems by emitting an arrogant-type feel to it.  The spot could essentially be interpreted as “without Nike, there are no professional sports players” or “Nike’s trying to say that they are the game itself.”  But Nike may not find such perceived arrogance as too much of a problem, seeing as how the company played the father figure role with Tiger Woods last spring upon airing its 30 second spot of Woods’ puppy eyed stare into the camera while his late father’s voice is dubbed over as narration to his recent series of mistakes.


About defever

Con-mercialism. Money allows it to happen. Money given to penguin-dressed businesspeople choked so tightly by their neck ties that their brains can focus on nothing more than profit margins and sunday tee time with their gin-breathed client. Creative minds and strategic advertising act as the Batman and Robin to combat the droning and ubiquitous presence of corporate invasion on consumers' media. I am honored to serve on the heroic force that is taking away from the bullying, tormenting, killing you slowly inside form of advertising. This is a blog of my work, my opinions, and my ideas on the world of advertising. I'm not trying to change the game of advertising--I'm trying to change the sport.
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